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Kilometers Travelled (kmt) Litres of Fuel Used (lu) Liters per 100 Kilometers (kmpl)
Miles Travelled (mt) US Gallons of Fuel Used (gu) Miles per US Gallon (mpg)

Celsius (C)
Fahrenheit (F)
Kelvin (K)
Rankine (R)
Temperature (C)
Wind (km/h)
Wind Chill
Temperature (C)
Relative Humidity (%)
Temperature (C)
Dewpoint (C)
kiloPascals (kPa)
Millibars (mb)
Inches of Mercury (inHg)
Centimetres of Mercury (cmHg)
Metres of water (mH2O)
Inches of water (inH2O)
Atmospheres (atm)
Kilogram/centimetre (kg/cm)
Kilometres (km)
Metres (m)
Centimetres (cm)
Millimetres (mm)
Microns (m)
Angstroms ()
Miles (mi)
Yards (yd)
Feet (ft)
Inches (in)
Nautical miles
Astronomical Units (AU)
Light years (ly)
Pica (pi)
Point (pt)

Km/hour (km/h)
Miles/hour (mph)
Knots (kt)
Metres/sec. (m/s)
Metric tonnes (t)
Kilograms (kg)
Grams (g)
Milligrams (mg)
Newtons (N)
Pounds (lb)
Ounces (oz)
Cubic metres (m)
Cubic centimetres (cm)
Cubic millimetres (mm)
Hectolitres (hl)
Litres (l)
Millilitres (ml)
Cubic feet (ft)
Cubic inches (in)
US Gallons (gal)
US Pints (pt)
US Fluid ounces
(fl oz)
Cups (c)
Imperial Gallons
Imperial Pints
Imperial Fluid ounces
Square Kilometres(km)
Hectares (ha)
Square metres(m)
Square centimetres(cm)
Square millimetres(mm)
Square Miles (mi)
Square Yards (yd)
Square Feet (ft)
Square Inches (in)