Welcome to the 31st A Pack 2020 Virtual Schedule

As we all know, 2020 will go down in history as one of the MOST unique years ever. To endeavour to give your children the Cub program they deserve, and to keep them and us safe, we will be using ZOOM as our virtual meeting client of choice.

We have 2 Zoom hosts in myself and Baloo that have registered accounts.


Please have your Cub attend in uniform. Pants is NOT neccesary but shirts, neckers and woggles are.


Hoo Boy, this is a good one. As many of our Cubs this year are 1st year Cubs, and combining that with, I'm guessing, the fact no one has experience with Zoom, some pretty hairy situations have developed during our meetings. But the newness is rubbing off and the Cubs are realizing, with your help, that we are here to teach and have fun. No, we cant play games, but we are trying to come up with activities that will keep them interested and loving Cubs.

We are slowly getting them to realize that this venue is a 1 person talking event and they ARE learning, as are we.

We would like them to try and focus on our meetings, but we do realize that 1.Boys will be boys 2.This is all new to them. 3.Boys will be boys. We will be doing our best to move in the focusing part of the meeting, but it can be hard.

We would appreciate ANY activity materials that are sent for your Cub to be printed out, are held aside until the meeting.

We will be endeavouring to have a weekly meeting plan in place that we will strive to adhere to but as we know...the best laid plans of mice and men.....

Planned Schedule

May 12 2020

Discussion of previous weeks events
Google Earth Trip to Ancestral Grounds..........Baloo
Cub badgework updates

May 19 2020

Introduction to Cub Scout Trail Cards. (See below)
Kitchen Antics..........Bagheera
Cub badgework updates

May 26 2020

Draw a giraffe download, print and have ready for meeting. (Do not show your Cub please)
Discussion of previous weeks events
Learning Phases of the Moon.........Akela
Cub badgework updates

June 02 2020

Discussion of previous weeks events
Virtual Tour of a museum.
( Send in votes )
Cub badgework updates

June 9 2020

Closing Meeting (TBA)

Personal Achievment Badges

Follow this link to the Personal Achievment Badge book I have made fillable.
REMEMBER: the concept of the Canadian Path, with regards to PAB's are
the Cub PLANS - DOES - REVIEWS.....Plan, Do, Review.
While these are concepts are used in the adult world, they can make a lot of sense when learned and properly applied. Something Cubs will learn without even realizing!

Trail Cards

You may have noticed a reference to Trail Cards for Idea's

Here are the links:
Cub Scout Trail Card Main Page

Cub Scout Trail Cards

Trail Cards are a great way to explore new ideas and activities for each Section on The Canadian Path.

Below you will find Cub Scouts Trail Cards that will help you explore the Four Elements of the Path while completing an activity. During planning meetings, use the Trail Cards to help map out how you can achieve each of the six Program Areas throughout the year.

For more information on the Trail Cards, check out the  Trail Card Infographic. (Whats on a trail card)

HE SWINGING BRIDGE: Active and Healthy Living

BALOO’S CAVE: Beliefs and Values

ELEPHANT TURF: Citizenship

MONKEY CITY: Creative Expression



Adventures in this Program Area involve exploring, hiking, camping, paddling and other ways of enjoying the outdoors.

Pocket Dump Kim's Game Canoe Experts
Captain of the High Seas (Cubs) Raising the Flag Lost and Find Me
Paper Tube Engineer What Floats Your Boat? (Cubs) String Burning Challenge
Foil Fiesta I Leave No Trace  


During adventures in this Program Area, Cub Scouts learn about and practise the skills of being good leaders in their Section, local community and Canada.

Back to the Pond Cub Scouts: Bring a Friend Brainstorm!
What Makes a Good Leader? Referee Investiture

Outdoor Adventure Skills


Activites are experienced with the Pack but in order to catch up, they can be completed at home.


THANK YOU for your help and understanding during these difficult times and I'm sure your Cubs will rise to occasion and come out better.

Please feel free to call or email.
Akela, Baloo and Bagheera