31st A Pack
Kub Kars

At the 31st, we hold the Kub Kar Rally for the youth and ONLY the youth. The focus is on the youth and their efforts. This can be and generally is one of the many highlights of a Cubs time spent in Scouting, which memories can last a lifetime.

Having said that, most Cubs require assistance in one form or another whether it be cutting, drilling, filing, painting or even taking the Kar to the local supermarket to get weighed before the big race.

I like to stress to parents that this is the cubs event and not to 'take over'. This can be done with the best intentions, but before you know it, the Cub is watching the adult do everything from the sidelines, too young to confront the adult on the issue, but patiently watching and waiting. If you help, please be aware of this potential.

Helping a child create a dream or a dream car can be a wonderful, bonding experience for everyone involved. Being aware of this pitfall can help attain that dream and strengthen a relationship .

If you're an adult and really enjoyed building a car and thought you might like to try it, read the column on the right.

General Building Tips:

  • The No 1 thing you can do to give the car the best chance to run the fastest is to install the axles 90 degrees to the direction of travel and as close to parallel to the track as possible.
  • When weight is applied to get as close as possible to the maximum weight, you run the risk of going over-weight. While EVERYONES scale is dead on, it is really the scale at the Registration Table that matters. Either give yourself some room at the top end of the weight range, or make it easy to remove a bit of weight at a time.
  • Over the years, I have seen many different interpretations of the rules and many debates at the Registration Table. There have been hundreds of thousands of Cubs in Canada that have raced using the current rules and as in the Weigh Scale, it is the person at the Registration Table who is interpreting the rules and will decide what to do.
  • If lubricating the wheels, DO NOT USE black graphite as it will come off the car and onto the track making a mess. Besides, most races ban the use of it.
  • On the underside of the axle head, there is a piece of flashing left over from the manufacturing process that will slow a wheel down. Carefully file it off.
  • PLEASE have your Cub build the Kar to the specifications that come in the kit!!!

Fred Peters