B.P Week


The founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Stevenson Smythe Baden-Powell was born on February 22, 1857, in London. His father was a clergyman and a professor at Oxford, well known as a distinguished scientist. B.-P.'s mother was the daughter of another scientist, Admiral William Smyth, who claimed descent from the same family as Captain John Smith, the Elizabethan adventurer who helped to found the colony of Virginia in America.

BP's wife Olave also has her birthday on Feb 22. She helped to establish the Girl Guide Movement. A wonderful couple!

Calvary United Church

Calvary United Church is proud of the part they play in the education of our Scouting Group and other Scouting/Guiding members in their community. They have a representative sit on our Group Committe to help us meet our goals. They provide us with a place to meet, a place to store our equipment, photocopying etc. etc. etc.

Each year, our sponsor, Calvary United Church, holds a church service to help us celebrate the birthday of BP and his wife Olave. Called a "Church Parade", all the youth and leaders gather in their PROUDEST uniforms and enter the church following their flags and sit at the front of the church for all to see. It's very nice.

Some years the attendance has been sparse, others, it has been great! This year I would like to see each and every Cub from the 'A' Pack at the service to show the church was a fine group of Cubs we have.

Please visit this link for an absolutely wonderful page of BP information and links.

31st Group’s Baden-Powell Celebrations

Each year we celebrate Scouting by recognizing the birthday of our founder, Baden-Powell AND his wife Olave, credited as founder of Girl Guides.

Our sponsor, Calvary United Church helps us by hosting a special service during BP week. This is an important event in our Scouting year, because it gives us a chance to thank the church for letting us use their building and to demonstrate the results of their generosity by attending with our family members. Poor turnouts in past years have prompted questions as to the strength of the 31st Group.

We know how much fun we have in Scouting, how much we learn (both the youth AND the adults!) and therefore the importance of Scouting in our lives. Let’s make sure we make special effort to attend this special service. If you attend another place of worship, you’ll find a warm welcome at Calvary. If you’re not a regular church goer, this is a great chance to touch a part of your spiritual side.

Along with the B-P service on a Sunday, the Group tries to have an all section family night during Scout Week in February.
This will be a lot of fun as each section, Beavers right through to Rovers will have an opportunity to entertain us with a song or a skit. You never know just what the others have planned, so you don’t want to miss this night!

All members of the family are welcome as the goal is for all to be inspired. Parents will see their kids step outside their normal self and the younger kids might just get an urge to stick with Scouting so they can to get real goofy as a Venture. (Yes those big guys can be as silly as the little guys).
Juice and cookies for all! NO CHARGE!!!! How can you say no???!!!!

Also, on a Thursday close to the 22nd,we have what we call "BP FUN NIGHT". All the sections show up and performs songs and skits. It's a fun night and there is also cookies and drinks afterwards.

If you have any questions, please ask your leaders.

Dates for BOTH are yet to be determined so stay tuned.